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Prepare for the future

A New Economic Era is unfolding. The global economy is more interdependent than ever before. Market forces as seen in the slower growing developed economies, the high growth markets, ongoing geopolitical events and increased competition are defining a new economic era that likely lasts longer than other economic cycles.

Nigeria, the world’s eighth largest oil producer, has the second largest economy in sub- Saharan Africa and, with over 170 million people, is the continent’s most populous country. On the back of these immense natural resources, Nigeria has seen unprecedented growth during the last half century. Yet, the rising prosperity level, growing middle class and overall population growth has placed considerable pressure on the country’s transportation infrastructure and despite improvements and upgrades to the country’s ports, by all accounts, demand for port handling capacity will likely outstrip supply in Nigeria by 2017. This capacity shortage will be particularly evident in the Lagos area, where today nearly 85% of the country’s non-oil imports and exports pass.

Creating competitive advantage for our customers

Developing a new, ultra-modern port and free zone will create the platform for continued national and regional development. The ambition behind the Badagry MegaPort & Free Zone project is to partner with the Nigerian Government and business leaders to help plan Nigeria’s economic future by creating the port and inland solutions necessary to create strong, sustainable growth.

Our proposal aims to address the expected infrastructure challenge and provide shipping lines and supply chain managers with the best productivity, location, flexibility and cost effectiveness to power the global supply chains of Nigeria’s leading brands. The state-of- the-art multi-purpose facility will offer its customers superior hinterland connectivity and the deepest water in West Africa thus creating a sustainable competitive advantage for Nigeria going forward.

Our team - will deliver

APM Terminals has been operating in Nigeria since 2005, but some of the companies we’ve assembled as part of our consortium have been helping to drive the country’s growth since the early 1970’s. We believe that performance is the foundation for success and as a company that’s more than a century old, we define success by our ability to deliver even in the most uncertain of times. The consortium we’ve assembled to deliver this project is committed to Nigeria’s future and we are highly confident the experience and work ethic enlisted will ensure this project is a success in the shortest time allowable.

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