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Superior hinterland connectivity

Our site is located just outside metropolitan Lagos along the Benin-Lagos expressway which is currently being upgraded from a 4-lane to a 10-lane highway. When completed, the new road will offer superior connectivity to all of Nigeria’s Western and Northern states and ensure the port becomes the lasting replacement for congested metro-Lagos area ports going forward.

The Badagry MegaPort will also be linked to several locations by barge and rail, offering customers the opportunity to clear their cargo at either Badagry, Apapa or at one of the many inland depots which the country is planning to develop.

Distance from Badagry Port and Free Zone to cities
Destination Distance: km
Apapa 55
Icadan 201
Alaba 61
Ikeja 70
Ilupeju 72
Amuwo 47
Agbara 35
Sango 69
Isolo 60
Oshodi 53
Mushin 68
Ikorodu 97
Lagos Island 70
Victoria Island 67
Lekki 75
Ajah 87
Badagry 5
Contonou 50

Deepest Water in West Africa

Today, shipping lines, faced with a troubled global economy, are increasingly looking for scale in order to marginalize the threat of competition from their counterparts. The 4,500 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) “WAF-MAX” container vessels which are the largest to call the West African coast today, will, in the coming years become obsolete. The world’s leading shipping lines are in the midst of developing deployment strategies which will see between 6,000 – 10,000 TEU vessels call Western Africa in the next five years. Paramount to national economic interest is the need for the country’s port infrastructure to prepare for this dynamic as failure to do so is likely to relegate Nigeria’s port system to the second tier.

The combination of modern port infrastructure and larger vessels will reduce transaction costs for the local businesses, in turn making their goods and services more competitive in the global marketplace. High quality, efficient and effective port terminals are fundamental to a country’s integration in global trade flows.

Reaching the Customer

Exploring the Porto Novo Creek

Nigeria’s vast system of inland waterways provides a rich and thus far relatively unexploited means for transporting cargo between port facilities in Lagos State. The Porto Novo Creek, running east to west just behind the ocean coastline will eventually be capable of transporting cargo in bulk between the existing Apapa and TinCan Island port facilities and that of the Badagry Port & Free Zone. This deep and thus far unexploited waterway will be capable of accommodating up to six round trips a day with 2000 MT barges.

The F-100 Lagos/Badagry Expressway

Under the patronage of the Lagos State and Federal Governments, the 55km long Lagos- Badagry Expressway, which today serves as the lifeline between western Lagos and the rest of the country’s economic breadbasket, is undergoing a major transformation. The upgrade, which will increase capacity from 2x2 lanes to 2x5, is ongoing and is expected to be completed before 2017. Plans for the development also include a light rail passenger network making the commute between Badagry and the rest of Lagos State highly efficient.

Revitalizing the Rail

At present, virtually all freight moving in Nigeria is being carried by truck on the roads. In the medium-term, the national rail infrastructure will be revived and transport of cargo by rail in and out of Badagry will become a reality.

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