/ The Concept

The Badagry Free Zone – Integrated with the World

World class infrastructure built to attract investment

Building on Nigeria’s track record of successful economic free zones, we will focus on long-term customer relationships and foster alliances with global investors by providing them with world class infrastructure supported by value-added services and incentives.

Backed by the Badagry Mega Port, the Badagry Free Zone (BFZ) will give its customers the opportunity to transport their goods all over the world in a streamlined, efficient manner. The Badagry Free Zone is dedicated to attracting a diverse mix of tenants from across the globe and industry sectors. BFZ will offer a highly professional environment, direct access to seaport, highly competitive lease agreements, on-site property management and 24-hour security

By teaming up with customers, local business partners, governments and other industry players we are able to help customers defray costs, enter new markets faster and offer sustainable service while keeping pace with the demands of the marketplace. We remain focused on operational excellence and the disciplined execution of our business strategies, which will position the Badagry Free Zone ahead of the rest.

Industrial Zone

The Badagry industrial Zone (also referred to as an industrial or trading estate) will be an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development. Located on the north side of the project area (above the F-100), the area will cater for light industries such as:

  • Garment manufacturing
  • Light vehicle assembly
  • Value added assembly of Electronics
  • Plastic production
  • Food stuffs
  • Tool & dye

Logistics Park

A Logistics Park is proposed on the north side of the container terminal along Badagry Creek. Positioning a Logistics Park close to the container terminal is beneficial in that it provides convenience for unpacking, storage and distribution of goods, as well as collecting, packing and processing goods for export and other “value adding” light industries such as product assembly services or container repair services etc. The Logistics Park will work closely with the port to provide the most expedient access to the nation’s highway and rail systems.

The Logistics Park provides the full gamut of activities required by the importers and exporters inside the port, leaving the port to concentrate on its core activity of acting as a facilitator of quick loading and unloading of ships. These activities include freight forwarding, inland container depots and off-dock storage, trucking, maintenance and repair as well as stuffing and de-stuffing of cargo. Numerous related companies will establish themselves within the Logistics Park in order to provide these services and benefit from the proximity to the port. This reduces the cost of export and import as a whole.

Housing Compaound

The Badagry residential estate will be purpose-built to provide security within a pleasant and healthy living environment. They will offer fully-furnished residential units, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, swimming pools, gymnasiums, children’s playgrounds, football fields, tennis and squash courts and helipads. Medical services will be provided by SOS International and state-of-the-art security systems will be in place to give its residents piece of mind at all times. The camp facility will include generous open grassed areas, gardens and mature trees.

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